Welcome to the new discreetsys.com Discreet Hosting Redesigned Shop

Welcome to the new discreetsys.com

We've redesigned our website so that you can find what you're looking for faster, and easier.

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Discreet Hosting

Looking for the best combination of stability and affordability to host your websites?Take a look at the new Discreet Hosting.

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Redesigned Shop

Our store has been redesigned to make products more accessible and easier to navigate than ever!

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What sets us apart?

We believe every business has a purpose. The core principle at the center of our philosphy is that our purpose is your business. Dealing with your technology provider shouldn’t feel like an adversarial relationship. That’s why Discreet Systems is putting the ‘us’ back in ‘business’ – one satisfied client at a time.

Discreet Systems - Your Account

Our redesigned account portal makes it easier than ever to interact with us. We’ve expanded access to invoice information, simplified quote requests and maintenance plan management. (more…)

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Our services will provide simplicity in developing and maintaining a robust brand. We’ll help you to deliver your vision to your clients, fostering abundant growth and opportunities for your passion. (more…)

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Do you ever wish that the web, which has continually proven to be an obstacle, would finally just let up? Let our experienced business development liaisons assist you in charting a path for success….

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Send an e-mail to contact@discreetsys.com or a Facebook message and let us know what you like & don't like about our new store, and we'll send you a coupon for your first order!
Domain Registration

Find your perfect domain today with Discreet Hosting.


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Web Development - Discreet Systems
Web Development

Our web development liaisons will work directly with you to bring your vision to life using technologies such as WordPress, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, CSS and many others. While undertaking a web development project can be immense, we have the team and the tools to help make sure your project is a success. We’ve been meeting web development needs for over a decade and a half. Our management team has been involved with web development since the dial-up era, you can count on us to stick around. Web Development Capabilities Our project management and support areas make changing your website or […]

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Under Construction

Pardon our dust! A website is kind of like a living, breathing entity in and of itself. Our website is ALWAYS under construction. Why? We want to ensure that we always have new content to help our perspective and current clientele learn more about our services and make interaction easier. Have a suggestion? E-mail us at contact@discreetsys.com.

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When you’re a professional, it’s important to have a business partner you can trust to take care of you the same way you take care of your clientele. Let Discreet Systems, and our team of development liaisons work with you to provide your business the support needed to satisfactorily service your clients. From our first contact, we’ll explore, the depth and scope of your business, and determine a package for you from our comprehensive suite of services. Our modular approach to IT makes it easy to pick and choose which options are right for you.

Our Scope

Discreet Systems has something for everyone. From in-office IT solutions such as workstations, servers and Point of Sale to virtual desktop support and cloud-based applications, we’ve got you covered. Working with us provides innumerable benefits, but our high point truly is our dedication to the success of your business. Our associates work day and night to make sure that your vision becomes a reality, or your business experiences the growth you seek. Our hosting division, Discreet Hosting provides domain registrations, SSL certificates, website malware scans, and hosting packages perfect for your business.

Discreet Systems’ History

With a rich business history, and serving your community for almost two decades, Discreet Systems is just a call away. We’ll guide you through our process, and design an affordable, robust solution for you. No client is too large or too small for our services, we welcome everyone to take the next step today, and see what we have to offer.

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